• Walmart commercial voice over
  • Dixie in house industrial voice over
  • Air Optix contacts commercial voice over
  • Assasins Creed video game promotional voice over
  • Prescient Healthcare commercial voice over
  • Cartoon Network, Full Metal Alchemist Gracia Hughs character voice over
  • Valley Healthcare commercial voice over
  • Greater Wisconsin Credit Union voice over
  • Viekira Pak medical voice over
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Cartoon Voice Over
  • Rockford Business College radio voice over
  • Factory Card and Party Outlet Radio commercial voice over
  • Milwaukee Heart Hospital radio commercial voice over
  • Dunkins Diamonds holiday radio commercial voice over
  • INXPO voice over
  • Kiddy Grade cartoon character voice over
  • Slim Shots radio commercial voice over
  • Case Closed cartoon character voice over
  • Alen T300 industrial voice over
  • GO Animate video tutorial narration voice over
  • Grand Geneva tourism voice over
  • Land of Lincoln health insurance voice over
  • Paws and Tales family radio drama voice over

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Prescient Health Voice Over

INXPO Voice Over

Grand Geneva Commercial Voice Over

Go Animate Advanced Tutorial

Go Animate Video Tutorial

INXPO B2B Narration

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Theatre Resume

For the Love of
Pride Films & Plays
Memory of Water
Piccolo Theatre
Parallel Lives
Piccolo Theatre
Misanthrope (by Martin Crimp)
Piccolo Theatre
Blithe Spirit
Piccolo Theatre
Greesboro: A Requiem
Steep Theatre
Bang the Drum Slowly
Steep Theatre
Proving Mr. Jennings
Mrs. Jennings
Actor’s Workshop Theatre
Otherwise Engaged
Actor’s Workshop Theatre
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Emerald City
Three Sisters…Alone!
Georgy/ Olga
Inconceivable Theatre
Another Caesar
Inconceivable Theatre
  • Lauren Goode Headshot by Brian McConkey
  • Lauren Goode in Kenny Rogers
  • Lauren Goode in Memory of Water, Mary
  • Drea
  • Cranky Mary
  • Lauren Goode Headshot for Theatre
  • Marcia
  • Misanthrope
  • Lauren Goode in Tribute
  • Lauren Goode in Parallel Lives
  • Lauren Goode in Spoon River
  • Lauren Goode as Ruth, Blithe Spirit
  • Lauren Goode in Supreme Beings
  • Lauren Goode in Space Wars
  • Lauren Goode as Mrs. Jennings
  • Lauren Goode in Period Piece
  • Lauren Goode in Otherwise Engaged
  • Lauren Goode as Mary, Memory of Water
  • Fave Ad featuring Lauren Goode
  • Lauren Goode is one strong bitch
  • Lauren Goode as Mrs. Cratchit
  • Lauren Goode in Bang the Drum Slowly, Steep
  • Silly Lauren Goode