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Lauren Goode Headshot by Brian McConkey

Actor & Artist

Lauren Goode is a freelance actor and voice talent, based in Chicago, who provides professional voice-over work for broadcast and digital media. Lauren’s voice has been featured on television, radio, online streaming commercials, video games, cartoons—including the Cartoon Network®—and has narrated numerous online video tutorials.


Lauren is a collaborative artist who enjoys working with clients to find the right vocal style to tell the story. Knowing the audience and how to connect with them in a relatable way, is what drew Lauren into performance back in 2005. Clients have described her voice as friendly-yet-authoritative, edgy, quirky, conversational, smooth, and confident. A variety of styles for a variety of projects! 

  • Walmart commercial voice over
  • Dixie in house industrial voice over
  • Animal Planet
  • Deloitte
  • Assasins Creed video game promotional voice over
  • Air Optix contacts commercial voice over
  • Oracle
  • Samsung
  • Staples
  • Cigna
  • Cartoon Network, Full Metal Alchemist Gracia Hughs character voice over
  • Remax
  • Ernst & Young
  • Nestle
  • Vox
  • Calvin Klein
  • Intuit
  • Milwaukee Heart Hospital radio commercial voice over
  • Pocket Casts
  • Genpact
  • Mars
  • Mission ISS
  • Kiddy Grade cartoon character voice over
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Cartoon Voice Over
  • Case Closed cartoon character voice over
  • Viekira Pak medical voice over
  • Prescient Healthcare commercial voice over
  • Black Rock
  • Fednow
  • Dysport
  • RSA
  • TDS
  • INXPO voice over
  • Alen T300 industrial voice over
  • GO Animate video tutorial narration voice over
  • Paws and Tales family radio drama voice over
  • LDI
  • Live Agent
  • Modine
  • Tulsa Tech
  • Moby Max